the farm

what we’re growing

You name it!  We try something new each year to see what it’s like. Last year it was tobacco with beautiful purple flower and this year we’re giving peanuts a shot. We love hot peppers in all varieties and you’ll surely get a taste of our garlic, maters, onions and rhubarb. Wild berries of all sorts grow in the forest and our orchard is growing strong with peaches, pears, apples and plum.

who lives here

We have four Aracana hens, two bantam hens and one bantam rooster. There are 5 ewes (Fiona and her two girls Tupelo and Clementine and Bryn and her babe S’more). Murray and Stella are our two muts, plenty of hares, fox, toads, frogs, snakes, koi, trout, doe, bucks, herring, bluejays, cardinals, the list goes on and on. We try to care for them all and they all keep things lively at the inn.

We also have honeybees that rent a space in the garden. They keep the garden looking fresh and make loads of honey to share with us.


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