The Underhill Inn

277 Lake Road

Dryden, NY 13053




Please give us a call or drop us an email, we would love to hear from you! Please note, we are in NY on eastern standard time….if we don’t respond, we may be havin’ a nod….


2 thoughts on “contact

  1. My husband and I built this house in 1979. It’s wonderful to see that someone is enjoying it. We always loved the property- especially that big, well-shaped maple on top of the hill that we called the “gumdrop tree”. Good luck!

    • Thank you for writing! so many people have asked about the Fellows, and tell us stories of how they know you and your husband. We have truly enjoyed our 4 years here, and look forward to many more. The property is amazing, and we are currently renovating the house to bring in more natural light and ventilation. Will post more “in-progress” photos soon.

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